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Title: Anchor Magazine

Focus: Depression

Issues Available:

Spring 2008: Amy Sky: An Artist’s Battle with Postpartum Depression; Indulge Yourself: Step Out From Under That Black Cloud of Depression; Teen Suicide: Get Your Kids Talking; Understanding the Link: Depression and Heart Disease Go Hand in Hand

Title: bp Magazine

Focus: Bipolar Disorder

Issues Available:

Spring 2009: Confronting Mania’s Secret Symptom; Drawing Strength From Your Peers; Hard Facts on Soft BP; Shedding Pounds — Gaining Wisdom

Winter 2009: Asking Forgiveness, Making Amends; Bless That Stress; The Remarkable Kay Redfield Jamison; The Dating Dilemma

Fall 2008: Tackling Anger; Talk Therapy Comes Back; Pulitzer Prize Nominee: Marya Hornbacher; Control Those Outside Triggers

Summer 2008: Going to the Hospital: Setback or Reset?; Finding the Support You Need; The Question of Caffeine; My Story: A Former Finds Peace (Niki Davis); Family Profile: Determined to Make Things Work

Spring 2008: Older with Bipolar; Julie Fast: Dealing with My Anger; Judge Sol Wachtler’s Long Climb Back

Winter 2008: Canada’s Former First Lady Margaret Trudeau Reaches Out; A Family Finds the ‘New Normal’; Repairing Broken Relationships; The Calm of Meditation

Fall 2007: TV’s Maurice Benard (General Hospital) Plays His Riskiest Role; Parents and the Waiting Game; The Promise of Supplements?

Summer 2007: The Many Faces and Facets of BP; Finding Your Delicate Balance; Rebecca O’Bannon: Her Children’s Window to the World; The Breakfast Payoff

Winter 2007: Partners for Life: Beating the Marriage Odds; Conspiracy of Silence: Psychiatrists’ Secret Anguish (when the psychiatrist has BP); Five Generations: Understanding the Past, Building the Future; Seasonal Swings in Light and Mood

Fall 2006: Coaching Your Wellness Team; Journaling: ‘Overvoice’ of Consciousness; Scientific Proof You Can Learn to Cope; Cutting Cholesterol and Loving Your Diet

Spring 2006: Quest for Sleep; Looking for the Creativity Link; Is Sugar Really That Sweet? (The ways in which sugar can disrupt wellness)

Winter 2006: Patty Duke: Making a Difference; ECT: Still Controversial; Straight Talk About Suicide

Title: Choices in Recovery

Focus: Mental Illness (General); Recovery

Issues Available:

2009 vol. 6 / issue 1: Passage of the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health parity and Addiction Equity Act; Caregiver Spotlight: Joe Greco (writer/director of the movie, “Canvas”); 5 Recovery Tips for 2009

2008 vol. 5 / issue 2: Recovery Profile: Elyn Saks (author of, “The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness”); Improving the Health and Well-Being of People with Schizophrenia

2008 vol. 5 / issue 1: The Importance of Setting Goals in Recovery; Smoking and Schizophrenia

Fall 2007 vol. 4 / issue 4: Good Communication: A Foundation for Recovery; Advocate’s Corner: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Spring 2007 vol. 4 / issue 2: Art Therapy: Using Creativity in Your Recovery; The Art of Recovery: Thinking Out of the Box; Profile: Eric Dean Spruth, M.A., A.T.R. (Expressive Therapist)

Winter 2007 vol. 4 / issue 1: New Year – New Possibilities: 6 Steps Toward Successful Recovery; Improving Budgeting Skills and Managing Your Finances; Helping Your Loved One Work Toward Recovery


Title: Esperanza

Focus: Anxiety; Depression

Issues Available:

Fall 2008: Mariel Hemingway: Learning From Her Legacy; Weathering the Winter Blues; Depression on the Job; Revive: 7 Tips to Feel Your Best

Spring 2008: Skating Legend Dorothy Hamill: Strength & Grace; Anxiety: When It’s Not Just Nerves; 10 Myths of Teen Depression; Coming Home: Iraq War Vet Makes Peace with the Past


Title: NAMI Advocate

Focus: Mental Illness (General)

Issues Available:

Spring 2008: NAMI Board of Directors: Election 2008; NAMI’s Third Annual Research Gala; Advocacy Toolkit for Children’s Mental Health; Parents and Teachers as AlliesProgram; In Memoriam: Deborah J. Allness

Fall 2007: Election 2008: The Big Picture; Personalized Medicine: Future Hope for People Living with Mental Illness; Consumers Find Support at the NAMI Convention’s Welcome Center


Title: NAMI ¡Avanzamos!

Focus: Mental Illness (General); Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Issues Available:

Edición #9Centro de Investigación de Salud Mental Multicultural (The Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research); NAMI evalúa los Sistemas Estatales y Nacionales de Salud Mental (NAMI’s Report Card of State and National Mental Health Systems); Mi camino a la recuperación (My Road to Recovery)


Title: NAMI Beginnings

Focus: Children & Youth

Issues Available:

Fall 2008: Helping Parents Understand Their Rights in Special Education: An Interview with a Legal Expert; Capitol Hill Watch: The Federal Government Focuses on Young Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses; The School Psychologist’s Role with Students with Mental Health Treatment Needs; Improving School Performance for Students with ADHD; Quest for the Best IEP; Peer Corps and the Seeds of Student Empowerment; Getting an Accurate Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Winter 2008: Promoting Evidence-Based Practices; Ask the Doctor: Behavior Therapy for ADHD; Medicaid Coverage of Multisystemic Therapy; national Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day; Anti-Bullying Website Targets Youth



Title: Schizophrenia Digest

Focus: Schizophrenia

Issues Available:

Spring 2008: Orthomolecular Medicine: Abraham Hoffer’s Treatment Philosophy Continues to Stir Up Controversy; Mental Health and the Law: Police Are Taking On Double Duty; Step Up to Better Health (the many benefits of pedometers); Fighting for Change: When Medicine Got It Wrong

Winter 2008: A Tale of Two Siblings: The Spiro Twins’Divided Minds; Mental Health S.O.S.; Take a Break: Tips for Caregivers; Sleep and Schizophrenia

Fall 2007: Analyzing the Facts: Fighting Fear with Genetic Counseling; Rebuilding Trust After an Involuntary Commitment; Home on the Farm: The Workings of a Therapeutic Farm Community

Summer 2007: New York City Artist Martin Cohen; International Caregiver Survey; Planning for Your Loved One’s Future; Recovery is a Process

Fall 2005: Talking Heals: Family Bonds Boost Recovery; Sharing and Support: Help for Caregivers; Reaching Out: Stepping Toward Social Success


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