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CNS Influenza Treatment

NAMI Greater Orlando does not endorse or promote clinical trials. However, we do provide information to our readers and members as a courtesy so that you can research and make the best decision that meets your personal circumstances


Flu Season Widespread

CNS Healthcare is offering free diagnostic tests and treatments for ages 18-64 through their clinical trials.

With the CDC indicating that the flu is now widespread in our geographical area, we can expect to see an increase in patients presenting for diagnosis and treatment of influenza. CNS Healthcare would like to make you aware that we are conducting a research study related to influenza. The study will be conducted in two parts. For Part A of our research we are seeking persons 18-64 who have flu-related symptoms. At no cost, we will perform a test to determine if influenza A is present. If testing is positive, we will provide standard flu treatment. The purpose of Part A will be to confirm that influenza A is active in our area. Once enough patients lab results confirms that the influenza A virus is active in our area we will start part B.

Part B begins once we have confirmed that the influenza A virus is active in our area. For this part of the study we will be accepting persons 18-64 who have active flu symptoms within the past 48 hours. We will diagnose, and if positive, 75% of study participants will receive study drug and 25% chance of placebo.

If you know of anyone who has flu symptoms, please refer them to participate in this important research study. Patients will receive compensation for their participation. Those who are interested can contact us 407-425-5100 or go online at to schedule their free flu test.

Go to for a list of all enrolling trials.

Please, also keep in mind that we are offering flu vaccinations for ages 6 months to 72 months through another research study. And, for JUST another 2 weeks we are able to accept children who have not received a flu shot in the past. After that time, the research study will be open only to those with past treatment.

Patricia W. Brown, PhD, ARNP
Clinical Administrator/Investigator
CNS Healthcare
618 E. South Street, Suite 100 Orlando, FL 32801 Tel: (407) 425-5100 | Fax: (407) 425-3009

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